Acquarella Nail Polish Swatches Shalom Blue- Holiday 2012

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Acquarella Water Based Nail Polish in Shalom (Metallic Blue)

Acquarella Water Based Nail Polish in Shalom (Metallic Blue)

Today I have Acquarella nail polish swatches in Shalom (metallic blue) to share. Acquarella is one of my favorite brands of long-lasting water-based nail polish. Shalom is a new color released during the Holiday 2012 season, along with Donner, which is a forest green with silver shimmer. I purchased Shalom as a little gift to myself.

Shalom (Metallic Blue) Swatches

Shalom is a gorgeous metallic blue with silver shimmer. It is super metallic and looks like car paint. The metallic blue color reminds me a bit of the nail polishes I used to wear in the 90′s, but it is still a beautiful color for today.

I looked up the meaning of “Shalom” and found that it is a Hebrew word meaning peace, which is used by Jewish people as both a greeting and farewell.[1. Shalom, Wikipedia,] It is a fitting name for the holiday season.

As is common with Acquarella nail polishes that contain shimmers, the polish required a thorough shaking before it was well mixed. The first coat of Shalom went on very thin and there was still a VNL after two coats. The swatches below are shown with three thin coats of Shalom.

Acquarella Nail Polish Swatch Shalom Blue

Acquarella Nail Polish Swatch Shalom (Metallic Blue)

Acqurella Water Based Nail Polish Shalom Blue

Acqurella Water Based Nail Polish Shalom Blue

There are two other blues in the Acquarella nail polish collection. Mahalo is a bright creme blue and Star Spangled is a darker royal metallic blue. Once I get Star Spangled, I can compare all three.

Shalom is one of my favorite new colors from Acquarella! It goes nicely with two of their other metallic colors- Date Night (purple) and Dream Car (greenish blue).

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Availability of Acquarella Nail Polish

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You can find Acquarella Shalom online.

Which is your favorite color of Acquarella nail polish? Which color of water based nail polish would you like Acquarella to release next?

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2 Responses to “Acquarella Nail Polish Swatches Shalom Blue- Holiday 2012”

  1. Lei says:

    I’m very interested in star spangled shade. Look forward to see your new post of swatches!

    • Heidi says:

      I will swatch the new spring colors of Acquarella once they are released. I am also interested in Star Spangled, but I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet.

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