Suncoat Water Based Nail Polish Review: Peel-Off Formula in Mulberry

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Suncoat Polish and Peel Water Based Nail Polish in Mulberry

Suncoat Polish and Peel Water Based Nail Polish in Mulberry

For this Suncoat water based nail polish review I tried the Polish and Peel formula in Mulberry, a purple/red color. I was excited to try another brand of peel-off polish. I travel frequently, and the idea of a non-flammable polish that does not require remover sounds perfect. If you are looking for a non-peel-off water based polish, see my review of Suncoat non-peel-off formula.

Suncoat is a Canadian brand, which makes a long-lasting formula, peel-off formula for adults, and a peel-off nail polish for kids called Suncoat Girl.


I am quite disappointed with the packaging for the Suncoat Polish and Peel. It is a small bottle, with only 8ml, compared to their non-peel-off formula which comes with 15ml. What I really dislike is the ridged white plastic cap. If I am going to pay $8.99 CAD for a bottle of nail polish it aught to have a nicer lid. Maybe for a $1.99 regular nail polish from the drug store the lid would be okay. Especially since there is a Suncoat Girl line for kids, the peel-off polish for adults should be packaged more attractively.

Update 6/1/12: The second time I used the nail polish I twisted off the lid and lifted it up only to find that the brush stayed in the bottle! I loosened the brush from the bottle, twisted the lid back on and tried again, and luckily this time the brush came out attached to the lid.


I applied Suncoat Polish and Peel after my shower and before bed on Wednesday evening. I alternated Suncoat Clear Top Coat on every other nail, to see if it helps the polish last longer. The top coat is available from the Suncoat non-peel-off line. See How to Apply Suncoat Peel-Off Water Based Nail Polish for detailed application instructions.

The lid, that functions as the brush handle, is so small that it was hard to hold onto while painting my nails.


Even before applying the polish I opened the bottle to see if it had a smell. I was happy to find that there was very little smell, unless I put my nose right up to the open bottle and took a big whiff. I have also reviewed Sula Paint and Peel Polish and my main complaint was the awful perfume smell. So far, Suncoat Polish and Peel seems better.

While I was painting my nails I noticed a grape scent. At first I thought the purple polish was grape scented. Then I realized there was a bottle of grape flavored Gatorade on the table next to me. It just shows how odorless the polish is. Gatorade has a much stronger smell than Suncoat nail polish!


The brush is average size, maybe a bit on the small side.


The Suncoat polish has a much thinner consistency than the Sula Paint and Peel brand. The polish went on a bit streaky on my thumb nails but was fine on my other nails.


Suncoat Polish and Peel Nail Polish Swatch in Mulberry (purple)

Suncoat Polish and Peel Nail Polish Swatch in Mulberry (purple)

I tried Mulberry, which appears to be a purple/red in the bottle. The first layer went on really thin and translucent, with sparkly mica particles. With the first and second coats the polish looked red. It was still see-through with two coats, so once it dried I added a third coat. It turned to more of a purple color with the third coat. Even after the third coat it was not completely opaque. I was afraid it would get too thick if I added another coat and the bottle only says to apply two coats, so I stopped at three.

For some reason, the first layer I painted on my right hand came out much thinner than the first layer I painted on my left hand. Even after all three coats were applied, the polish on my right hand was more translucent and more of a red color than the polish on my left hand. I guess the moral is to use thin coats but not too thin and try to be consistent!

This is one of those polishes that looks different depending upon the lighting. In dim lighting it looks more purple, but in bright lighting it appears more red, like in the swatch above.

I alternated applying top coat to every other nail. My index and ring fingernails have top coat and the others do not. Without the  top coat the polish had a satin/suede finish. It is almost matte, except that there are shimmering particles in it. A layer of top coat made the polish glossy and the sparkles stand out more. I only like the way the polish looks with the top coat, otherwise it has too dull of a finish.

The polish is a very lady-like color. Perhaps it is even too grown-up for my taste. I prefer bold, out-there colors.



Day 1 (Thursday morning):

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 1

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 1

Day 2 (Friday morning):

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 2

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 2

Yesterday I washed dishes (with gloves) and showered and only a coupled of my nails got a little messed up on the tips. You can see if you look closely at my index fingernail in this photo. So far the Suncoat peel-off formula is holding up better than the non-peel-off formula did. Strange!

I wonder if part of the problem with the Suncoat non-peel-off formula was that it was too thick when I painted on 3 layers. I think next time I will water it down with a drop of water. I just assumed it would be the correct consistency when I first opened a new bottle.

Day 3 (Saturday morning):

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 3

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 3

The polish on the tips of some of my nails started to peel back, especially after washing dishes and taking a shower. I pressed the polish back into place, and that seemed to have worked. Do not start peeling at the polish to try to remove a small piece. That will cause more of the polish to loosen from your nails. So far, I am very happy with the wear of this polish!

Day 4 (Sunday morning):

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 4, Left Hand

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 4, Left Hand

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 4, Right Hand

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 4, Right Hand

Now the polish is peeling off the tips of my nails. If you are looking for a temporary polish just to wear for a couple days, Suncoat peel-off polish is a wonderful choice. The polish looked gorgeous the first couple days I wore it. It holds up better than Sula Paint and Peel. However, it is not a long-lasting polish. If you are looking for something that lasts at least a week, you should probably skip the peel-off formulas.

Day 5 (Monday morning):

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 5

Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish on Day 5

By today the polish is looking ragged and is ready to be removed. The clear top coat, which I painted on my index and ring fingernails, did not seem to extend the wear of the polish. However, I much preferred the glossy finish with the top coat, so I still recommend using it.



The instructions for removal on the bottle of Suncoat Polish & Peel simply state “Peel off from one corner”. From my experience with peel-off polish I know that just peeling it off dry is not a good idea. But I decided to try that method on one nail for comparison. I loosened the polish near the cuticle of my index fingernail and peeled it off. Bits of my nail plate came off with the polish, leaving behind a rough and dry nail bed.

Peeling Off Suncoat Nail Polish Without Soaking My Nails First

Peeling Off Suncoat Nail Polish Without Soaking My Nails First

Next I tried soaking my nails in warm water for 5 minutes and loosening the polish near my cuticles while my nails were still submerged. Then I took my nails out of the water and peeled the polish off of my other index fingernail. At first my nail looked okay, but as I kept peeling the polish tore off some of my nail plate again.

Peeling Off Suncoat Nail Polish After Soaking My Nails in Water

Peeling Off Suncoat Nail Polish After Soaking My Nails in Water

Finally, I decided to peel off the rest of the polish while my nails were submerged in warm water. At first this seemed to work better, but once I dried my nails I could see that they were all damaged and rough.

Fingernails After Removing Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish

Fingernails After Removing Suncoat Peel Off Nail Polish

I would advise only wearing Suncoat Polish & Peel for two days and then peeling it off either in the bath or shower or while soaking your nails in warm water. Leaving the polish on for a week at a time is not a good idea, since it continues to dry out and adhere more strongly to your nails.


Overall Opinion of Suncoat Peel-Off Polish

Suncoat is the best peel-off water based nail polish that I have found so far. It is odorless and so is the clear top coat from the non-peel-off line. The ingredients list is short and sweet: water, acrylic copolymers, colorants. The polish looked fabulous on my nails for the first two days. With a layer of top coat it did not look any different than regular polish. The main thing I did not like was the small bottle with a tacky white plastic lid. Also, the polish did not go on as opaque as I would have liked, but that is probably because Suncoat nail polishes are colored with mineral-based pigments and carmine.


Ingredients in Suncoat Water Based Nail Polish

Suncoat Polish & Peel: Aqua, acrylic copolymers. May contain: iron oxides, titanium dioxide, ultramarines, mica, ferric ferrocyanide, chromium oxide green, carmine.


Where to Buy Suncoat Peel-Off Nail Polish

You can help support Pretty Painted Nails by purchasing through my Amazon affiliate link. There will be no extra cost to you, and I will earn a small commission. Thank you for your support.

You can purchase Suncoat Peelable water based nail polish online.

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13 Responses to “Suncoat Water Based Nail Polish Review: Peel-Off Formula in Mulberry”

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  8. hammy says:

    Try suncoat girl. It is similar to the polish and peel line, but brighter bold colours

  9. Christen M. says:

    Hi, I’ve been using Suncoat peel paint too and usually put a clear coat just on top and it peels on its own within a day. I’m curious about your decision to paint the clear coat after each layer… it looks like it lasted much longer… did you read that somewhere or just decide to try it out? Thanks!

    • Heidi says:

      Sorry for the confusion. I applied just one layer of clear coat on top of the colored polish on every other NAIL. I wanted to see if the nails with clear coat survived better than the nails without any clear coat.

  10. Christen M. says:

    Also… with only one coat of clear coat on top, it peels off easily with no nail bed damage, but again, only lasts about a day or two before the tips start folding back on themselves. :P

    • Heidi says:

      From my experience, one or two days is the ideal length of time for wearing a peel-off nail polish. That way it is removed before sticking too strongly and damaging the nail plate.

  11. sea says:

    The Suncoat website says the peelable polish is Water, PVA (polyvinyl acetate), acrylate copolymer, plus colors. PVA is the main ingredient in Elmer’s Glue. Try mixing a bit of acrylic paint with Elmer’s glue (or glitter glue), and paint that on your nails. I wonder if it would preform similarly?

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