Acquarella vs. Scotch Naturals Water Based Nail Polish

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Acquarella Vs. Scotch Naturals Water Based Nail Polish

Acquarella Vs. Scotch Naturals Water Based Nail Polish

When looking for a water based nail polish for women, some of you are wondering which is better, Acquarella or Scotch Naturals? You can read a detailed Acquarella Review or Scotch Naturals Review, but to make the decision even easier I am going to compare Acquarella vs. Scotch Naturals side by side.

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each of these two brands of water based nail polish:

Toes Painted with Acquarella Nail Polish in Mahalo Blue

Toes Painted with Acquarella Nail Polish in Mahalo Blue

Acquarella Water Based Nail Polish


  • Lasts a long time on nails. Stays on toenails for at least a month with only minor chips. Looks good on fingernails for about five days. It is great if you want a polish to leave on your toenails for a long time and just touch up any minor chips.
  • No unpleasant fumes while applying the polish.
  • You only need to paint on two coats of nail polish. No base or top coat is needed.
  • The nail polish comes in a decent sized bottle (12.5 ml).


  • It takes a long time to prepare nails, due to the conditioning period. Before painting on color polish you should condition your nails for 4-5 days with Acquarella Conditioner. See How to Apply Acquarella Nail Polish.
  • The Acquarella Moisturizer does not do much to moisturize hands. It is better just to use jojoba oil (really a wax) or an oil-free hand moisturizer.
  • It also takes a long time to remove the conditioner or nail polish with Acquarella Remover, approximately 30-50 minutes.
    • Update 04/20/12: I spoke with Mark Deason, Technical Liaison for Acquarella, today and he gave me some pointers on removing the polish. First of all, it is important to use dense cotton pads that have some texture to them, instead of fluffy cotton balls. Saturate a cotton pad with remover and wipe each nail for a bit. Keep alternating nails in a round-robin fashion. Also, the best time to remove polish is right after a shower or bath, since the polish will have absorbed some water. Do not be surprised if the remover works into a bubbly froth, it is supposed to do that!

For Acquarella nail polish, conditioner, remover, and buffer it will cost around $42.


Fingernails Painted with Scotch Naturals Nail Polish in Loch Ness Mystery (teal)

Fingernails Painted with Scotch Naturals Nail Polish in Loch Ness Mystery (teal)

Scotch Naturals Water Based Nail Polish


  • Preparing the nails does not take too long, as you just need to add a drop of jojoba oil to each nail and buff.
  • Scotch Naturals nail polish is much quicker and easier to remove. Removing the polish with Scotch Naturals soy based remover only takes about 15 minutes. The remover leaves your nails looking shiny and healthy.
  • The base coat helps the nail polish apply very smoothly and evenly.
  • There is a nice selection of chic colors.


  • After letting the polish dry overnight it had already started to pull away from the tips of my nails. It began to show wear almost immediately. The nail polish looked pretty bad on my fingernails after 5 days.
    • They say that if you keep painting your nails with Scotch Naturals it will last longer each time, until it lasts for a whole week. I will try it again and report back. However, Acquarella lasted much better the first time that I ever used it. And I had not worn traditional nail polish in at least 3 months before trying Scotch Naturals.
    • Update 4/14/12: The second time I tried Scotch Naturals on my fingernails it started chipping the first day and still did not last a week.
  • The base and top coats have a slight smell while applying. The base coat made my eyes burn a little, probably because it contains alcohol.
  • You have to apply the top coat very carefully for it to go on evenly and to avoid bubbles.
  • The nail polish comes in a small bottle- only 10.5 ml!

For Scotch Naturals nail polish, base coat, top coat, and remover it will cost around $57.

Have you tried both Acquarella and Scotch Naturals water based nail polish? Which do you prefer?

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13 Responses to “Acquarella vs. Scotch Naturals Water Based Nail Polish”

  1. Hephzibah says:

    I love the colour of the Loch Ness! I’m interested to know how repeat use means it will last longer? :S x

    • Heidi says:

      Scotch Naturals does not seem to last longer on my nails with repeated use. I think the concept is that once you have removed all the residue left over from conventional nail polish and remover that water-based nail polish will start working better.

  2. Laurie says:

    I use Scotch Naturals. With the base coat, the polish lasts for 5 days at least.

    You do need to make sure you have healthy nails, though. And that doesn’t mean residue from conventional polish in my experience–it means that your nails have to be strong and healthy on their own. You can’t have thyroid problems, candida issues, a terrible diet, etc.

  3. D. Hamilton says:

    Interestingly, Scotch Naturals has stayed on my nails without chipping much better than Acquarella has! I’m not sure why, but I suspect it is helpful to have the base and top coats. But Acquarella chips on me within the first day (even after following instructions and waiting a night for it to cure), and a shower will completely do it in. With Scotch, I can follow instructions and wait a night for it to cure, and then wear it for almost a week showering every day without any noticeable chipping. Maybe some of this depends on the individual’s nails.

    • Heidi says:

      I agree, the various water based nail polish brands seem to work better on different people. I would like to try some more of the Scotch Naturals colors and see if they perform better.

  4. Vera says:

    Hi, what a fabulous site! I have a small business in natural beauty consulting and i am am trying to decide what nail polish to stock, stumbling across this site has been great. I have used the Scotch nail polish and found sometimes it cracks? Has anyone else experienced this? I love there fashion forward colours of scotch but I would like to try the acquarella.

  5. Crystal says:

    I have experienced very fine cracks (almost like crazing on pottery) with Scotch Naturals, but nothing that was noticeable unless you really looked closely. The chip resistance is good with the base and top coats. I tried several brands previously that failed to deliver (stay away from Mad River Science/Suncoat), and have been very pleased with Scotch Naturals. Whatever brand you use, keep your nails in top shape and condition with jojoba oil if they are dry.

  6. cestsilya says:

    thanks for this review

    the formulation may have changed ?! i have the base coat and there is no alcohol. Plus i ordered Scotch Naturals, at first time it cracked a lot more than now, i have seen the difference while applying too.
    Have you tried with a new bottle?

  7. sue hennen says:

    what is best if you are getting chemo?

    • Heidi says:

      I would recommend using any water-based nail polish, such as Acquarella, Scotch Naturals, or Keeki Pure and Simple. I would avoid regular solvent-based nail polishes.

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