Pretty Painted Nails Author Heidi Avelino

Pretty Painted Nails Author Heidi Avelino

Welcome to Pretty Painted Nails, a Water Based Nail Polish Blog. Here you can find everything you wanted to know about water based nail polish for kids and grown-ups!

My name is Heidi Avelino and I created this website as an informational resource regarding water based nail polish options.

Nail polish was always one of my favorite accessories. Based on an old photo of me, with red nail polish up to my knuckles, I can tell that I have been painting my own nails since I was three-years-old.

My nail polish craze was in full swing during my high school years, when I amassed over one hundred nail polishes and painted my nails every other day. My nails even made it into the yearbook, with our school name written across them!

As I got into my twenties I began to worry about the harsh chemicals permeating from my many nail polish bottles. Some of the polishes would cause my eyes and throat to burn when applied and would still be irritating the following morning. I am an environmental and health conscious person, and it always nagged at the back of my mind that if I were to end up with cancer it would probably be due to my nail painting habit. Luckily, it did not come to that, but I did have a change of heart toward nail polish.

I stopped painting my nails as frequently and only polished them up for special occasions. I even wore sandals without painted toe nails- gasp! I know, breaking my own cardinal rule! But I was not ready to give up on nail polish all together.

With life events like getting pregnant and having children in the not so distant future, I decided to look for a safer type of nail polish. I came across water based nail polishes. Not the type we used as kids that peel off right away. Real nail polish that actually dries and lasts!

The first water based nail polish that I tried was Acquarella Water Color in Mahalo blue. I was so happy with the results- it lasted for weeks on my toenails!

I was eager to spread the word that instead of breathing in and applying toxic chemicals, we could be using safer nail polishes with very few health risks.

Pretty Painted Nails is a compilation of all the information I could find regarding water based nail polish, as well as my own helpful reviews and tutorial videos. I am NOT a certified nail technician, chemist, or medical doctor. It you are uncertain as to whether something is safe, please supplement the information found here with your own research.

Please feel free to leave your suggestions or questions on the various topics covered.

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